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Volunteering is fun
Volunteers are an incredibly important and highly integrated part of the Missoula Humane Society. As a volunteer you will become a heavily relied upon support system for the staff and the animals.

A lot of time and training is put into the volunteers at MHS to help them to better help the animals in the best way possible. As such, we ask that each volunteer make a three-month commitment and work a minimum of four hours a month for the shelter.

Before becoming a volunteer consider the environment at the Humane Society. It is fast paced, full of pet allergens, industrial cleaning agents and high noise levels, just to name a few. Volunteers must love working around animals of all kinds. Although not all jobs require hands-on involvement with shelter animals, you will almost certainly be working near dogs, cats and other critters of all shapes and sizes.

General Information about available volunteer opportunities

  • Shelter Dog Training– Help shelter dogs mind their manners and learn, learn, learn! All volunteers participating in this program go through extensive training with the shelter behavior coordinator.
  • Cat Room Assistant– help animal caretakers with the care and clean up of the cat rooms including changing litter boxes, cleaning cat areas, grooming, feeding and other duties as necessary.
  • Kennel Assistant– Help animal caretakers with the care and clean-up of the kennels including poop scoop, laundry, grooming etc.
  • Petsmart– Take a shelter animal to Petsmart! Hand out shelter and humane care information. Talk to the public about adoption policies and procedures as well as animals that are available for adoption.
  • Hug-a-Pet– Take shelter animals to area nursing homes! This is a unique opportunity that links shelter animals back up to the community they so desperately want to be a part of and the residents to a wonderful part of life.
  • Humane Education Assistant– Go to area schools and speak with groups about the humane treatment of animals and the Humane Society.
  • Office Assistant – Help with mailings, data entry, filing, etc.
  • Pet Transit – Help shuttle animals to and from vet clinics for spay or neuter appointments.

Volunteering if You Aren't 16


How Do I become a Volunteer?

Becoming a volunteer is a pretty simple process…

  • Attend an informational meeting scheduled monthly at the library in the small meeting room
  • Fill out an application and speak with the volunteer coordinator
  • After a brief interview an orientation at the shelter will be set up
  • A regular volunteering schedule will be put together during the orientation based on your availability and the needs of the shelter
  • Finally, you will get department training in the specific area in which you will be working. You will continue to get more training the longer you are here.

If you are interested in volunteering, give the volunteer coordinator a call to register for the next informational meeting. Or email the Volunteer Coordinator.

In addition to the almost insurmountable number of daily tasks that the small staff at MHS takes on, there are numerous other ways to help:

  • Fund-raising events
  • Mailings
  • Planning Committees
  • Yard Work
  • Shelter Maintenance
  • Board membership
  • Public Relations
  • Computer work
  • Graphic art
  • Photography
  • Grooming

Missoula Humane Society • 1105 Clark Fork Drive, Missoula, Montana 59808 • 406-549-3934